Welcome to the Canadian Arthritis Network's (CAN) Legacy Website

CAN was a Network of Centre of Excellence funded by the federal Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) program. From 1998 to 2012, CAN brought the arthritis research community together around a new culture of multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary arthritis research and training that included people living with arthritis (consumers) to develop meaningful solutions in arthritis. From 2012 to 2014, in preparation for its wind-down, CAN focused on mobilizing its expertise and discoveries and work to sustain its most valuable programs. As part of its legacy activities, the CAN Legacy Website was developed as a repository of tools and information for stakeholders to continue excellence in arthritis research and training and to share CAN’s developed expertise in running a successful NCE.

What the reader will find
The toolbox contains six tools:
1. Media Stories: Stories that celebrate some of CAN’s successes in arthritis research;
2. Guides: CAN’s Ambassador Toolbox Guide and the Executive Summary of the Legacy Report give ideas on how to promote and the value of arthritis research;
3. Reports: Documents that celebrate and summarize CAN’s 14 years of research and training programs, including information on the operational requirements of running research and training programs;
4. Videos: Three short videos on the impact of arthritis research, the value of involving consumers, and the importance of partnerships;
5. Building Blocks: CAN models on research & training and knowledge transfer & exchange (KTE), and links to other resources; and
6. CAN Archives: link to CAN’s archived website.

Who may benefit
Whether you are interested in CAN’s KTE model, the value of partnerships and collaborations, running research and training programs, the ingredients of a successful NCE, or learning about involving consumers, CAN’s toolbox contains valuable resources that could assist you with your goals.

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