Pan-Canadian Approach to IA Model of Care

The Arthritis Alliance of Canada, together with the provinces and key stakeholders in the health system have developed a model of care for inflammatory arthritis to improve care for patients.

Joint Action on Arthritis

On September 18, 2012 the Arthritis Alliance of Canada (AAC) released Joint Action on Arthritis: A Framework to Improve Arthritis Prevention and Care in Canada. The Framework establishes research priorities and strategies, identifies principles to guide the design and delivery of care, suggests prevention strategies, and proposes a mechanism for the arthritis community to engage with governments and the broader healthcare.

The Impact of Arthritis in Canada

The Impact of Arthritis in Canada: Today and Over the Next 30 Years, not only demonstrates the enormity of the growing burden of arthritis over a 30 year period, but also provides examples of how this burden can be mitigated by health awareness, education, and intervention in the future.

MOC Evaluation Tool

This Master Worksheet was developed by experts who have experience with models of care (MoC). It is intended to help model developers assess the completeness of MoCs, suggest improvements and view their readiness for expansion. It can be used for the planning, development or formative evaluation of proposed MoCs.

Arthritis Landscape Review

Canada's leading arthritis research organizations-Canadian Institutes of Health Research-Institute for Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis (CIHR-IMHA), The Arthritis Society (TAS), Canadian Arthritis Network (CAN) and the partner organizations making up the Alliance for the Canadian Arthritis Program (ACAP)-have come together in a fact finding exercise aimed at understanding the arthritis funding landscape, related to research.

Arthritis Standards

Held in November 2005, the summit offered a unique and unprecedented platform for collective knowledge and experience to be translated into standards for arthritis prevention and care.


Arthritis Alliance of Canada
4rd Annual Meeting, InterContinental Hotel, Montreal, Quebec
October 27–28, 2016 

The event is presented in partnership with the CIHR’s Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis, and The Arthritis Society.  

Come and meet Canada’s leading experts in arthritis care and research; specialists, health care providers, researchers, consumers, trainees, industry and government affiliates!  

This year’s programme, entitled Translating Arthritis: Knowledge to Action for Canadians”will feature: 

§  a fun and engaging panel discussion of politics, media and public policy issues confronting Ottawa as we reach the first year anniversary of the new Federal government’s election; 

§  CIHR-IMHA’s Research Ambassadors Workshop and Panel Discussion: Patient Engagement in Research; 

§  poster-viewing session with the participation of The Arthritis Society Trainees and AAC ArthritisConsumer Organizations; 

§  a variety of workshops, led by experts to advance our collaborative initiatives in advocacy and awareness, models of care and research, as well as; 

§  the opportunity to network with the best and brightest Canada has to offer. 

For full program details and registration please visit: